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Plastic packaging - Food
Further development of business unit FOOD at Rebhan
Kundenindividuelle Flasche für Macandoo

Rebhan managed to win an interesting project within the food packaging business and could therefore expand this small business unit. The new customer of Rebhan is the company Macandoo, which is going to launch a new product as BBQ sauce.

The specialty of this product is the origin of the ingredients. Macandoo is only using regional bavarian ingredients in order to achieve a unique taste. As a consequence the product

For the owner of Macandoo it was important to find also a regional bavarian partner for their packaging. Rebhan is proud to be the packaging supplier of their custom made packaging solution, which will contribute to the success of the product. For this reason it was decided to build a custom made bottle, in order to be able to differentiate from competitors.

Rebhan was able to demonstrate its strength within the development of this individual product and in the end deliver a great packaging to Macandoo.

Expertise in the project business
Food packaging - REBHAN Plastic packaging

REBHAN can point to a high degree of expertise in the project business.
For example, well-known customers such as Tupperware are relying on REBHAN products.

Devising individual solutions. Presenting the customer with the best possible result. These are and will remain the most important priorities for REBHAN.

Our specialists will be happy to advise you on materials, production procedures, quality demands and design. But whatever we do, we focus on your actual wishes and requirements.

No matter how detailed your ideas currently are or at what stage you wish to become involved – consultation and service are very important to us.
It is always our ambition to arrive at an individual solution by the quickest route – and one that fully lives up to your ideas.

You decide the direction – and we work out your customised solution!

Production at REBHAN has all the relevant processing and decoration processes available as a “one-stop shop.”

This means that all the component parts of your packaging will be co-ordinated in the best possible way.

Whether it’s a customised solution or one of our own developments – packaging from the house of REBHAN carries a lot more than just the contents.

Refillable water bottle for first-formers

Approx. 53000 first-formers in more than 1000 primary schools in Berlin and Brandenburg have received an organic lunch box on their very first day of school.  The governor's wife, Bettina Wulff, Turbine Potsdam footballer Tabea Kemme, actress Dietmar Bär, presenter Dieter Moor and actress Marion Krach showed their support for this campaign for healthier school meals. Bettina Wulff: "A nutritious breakfast is important for children to be able to achieve their full potential. This is why it is important that parents give their children a balanced breakfast to take to school."

By the 21st of August, around 600 helpers had already filled all of the 53000 boxes. The reusable lunch boxes contain an all organic breakfast as well as nutritional information.
The pack also contained a refillable water bottle - kindly donated by Berliner Wasserbetriebe. Made by REBHAN. 


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