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Production of complete packaging containers

Manufacture of bottles and closures

REBHAN can use almost any thermoplastic materials to produce bottles and closures.

We use only the appropriate first class FDA and BGA approved materials.

The combination of type of material and production method is the decisive factor in determining the visual, physical and chemical properties of the packaging. It is vital to make the right choice.

To make this easier, we have summarised the essential features of individual production techniques.
We have also compiled a comparison table to help you choose the right material. But please note that certain ambient conditions and the combination of individual ingredients can produce effects not evident in the comparison table. We do not give any warranty for the compatibility of packaging and filling. So please, in your own interest, do carry out the appropriate long-term tests.

In the field of decoration, REBHAN also offers the full range of possible designs, thanks to the variety of the procedures used. You can transfer your motifs by email, saving time and costs.

Detailed information in table form (as a PDF):

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