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Quality plastic packaging

Company philosophy

For us, success means far more than just striving for profit. What we mean by success is creating sustained values for our customers, the company and its employees. For the customer, value lies in additional benefits provided by the excellent quality of our products and services. Internal and external benefits for our customers form the main focus in all areas. The value for employees lies in a high degree of job satisfaction, the opportunity to gain further personal qualifications and in secure jobs. The value for the company lies in healthy growth with optimum profitability with a high share of equity capital. This is an important foundation for our company decisions. Attracting and keeping satisfied customers and motivated, qualified staff who identify with the company, for its part, further strengthens the value of the company.

Company principles

Customers and the market

We want to actively shape the market, giving us the edge over our competitors. We want to satisfy our customers, not just by meeting their demands exactly, but also by surprising and inspiring them with new ideas and products as well as with excellent service. Our core competence lies in the development and production of complete high-quality packaging systems, in particular plastic bottles with caps, decorated in various procedures. With this core competence, we are looking for a balanced mixture of different sizes of customer from various different markets; this will enable us to take up opportunities for growth and at the same time spread our risks.

Quality and service

The quality of our services is our top priority and the essential task of every employee. Quality includes the full scope of the customer’s perception. The measure of quality, therefore, is not just the consistently high finish quality of our products, but also the quality of our service. We consider creativity and flexibility, reliability, speed and friendliness essential conditions for and at the same time the expression of high-quality service. We always work in a cost-effective manner, as both our customers and our company and staff benefit from the efficiency of our company.

Staff and management

We see our staff as the most essential element in the value creation chain. Well qualified, continuously trained and highly motivated employees are the source of our success – they create satisfaction for our customers through product quality and thereby secure the continuation and further development of our company and of the jobs within it. Management of the employees is the most serious task of the management board and executives. For us, management means making clear to all members of staff individually the importance of their actions within the scope of their responsibilities, setting targets together with them and addressing problems. We see management as a process of integration. Different interests and levels of information, variations in technology and scheduling restrictions are to be brought together to help create an optimum solution for the customer by the process of management. Fair dealing, performance-oriented pay, and collaboration based on trust are the focus of our thoughts and actions.

Information and communication

Information and communication are the driving force of our company’s service provision. Within the company we promote a climate based on the exchange of information and communication within the company. For us, company, information and communication culture are directly inter-related. We cultivate open communication and involve our employees in decisions. We place a high value on encouraging individual responsibility for our customers’ and the company’s benefit. Formal and informal communication structures are important to us. Information and communication should give rise to issue-related discussions as part of the challenge in ensuring the quality and benefits of our products and the efficiency and profitability of our company.

Company objectives

Our company pursues a quality policy with the aim of comprehensively meeting customer demands and thereby creating customer satisfaction. Based on our company philosophy, it is our intent to devise the principles, the marketing strategy and the processes within the company so that we can fulfil all the requirements of the market and specifically those of our customers. For us, this means creating the best possible working conditions with skilled, trained staff and the best in material and technical conditions, and also to achieve stable product and delivery quality using well-mastered, quality assured processes. We want to design lean and robust processes so that we can respond flexibly to customers with an adapted cost structure, thereby achieving permanent organic growth. The company objectives are operationalised and monitored at appropriate intervals.

Company quality objectives

Quality objectives are specified in key quality and process data, assigned to processes. The key quality and process data are personally monitored by those responsible for the processes. These key quality and process data serve to guide company management and to assess the efficiency of the company management.

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