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Plastic packaging - Cosmetics

In the field of cosmetics you will find the perfect packaging for your product presentation at the PoS. Ideal ergonomics und functionalities as well as an attractive design are the focus of our product development. Various decoration possibilities leave nothing to be desired.

Let yourself be inspired by our product portfolio!

Plastic packaging - Chemicals

Chemical products demand very special packaging qualities.

To guarantee the safety of your products and the people who work with you, REBHAN has put together a special selection of containers, available for you in all the standard sizes and dimensions.

Plastic packaging - Pharmaceuticals

Along with correct storage and meaningful labelling, proper packaging is of the greatest importance when dealing with pharmaceutical products.

You can be sure of finding the right container suited to your product in REBHAN’s extensive range.

Plastic packaging - Food

Modern times have brought great changes in the demands we make on food and its proper transportation and storage.

At REBHAN, we have not just adapted to this trend, we have developed it further. Convince yourselves of this!

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