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Plastic packaging - Cosmetics
New ideas for a new packaging line with flacons

New ideas for a new packaging line with flacons:

- Classic in its shape
- Elegant in its outfit
- Practical in usage

The Glass Polymer ™ and Tritan ™ as base materials reach this extraordinary product characteristics.

More information you will find here:

2014 and the World Cup is back at last – LAOLA OLÉ!!!
Rebhan standard bottle LaOla

New Standard bottle series from Rebhan

Kick-off for the new "LaOla" series is the 01.01.2014.

The range currently comprises:

50 ml  - LaOla HDPE bottle, flat oval, with PP screw on cap and fitted plug

100 ml - LaOla HDPE bottle, flat oval, with PP screw on cap and fitted plug

200 ml - LaOla HDPE bottle, flat oval, with PP flip top cap

…though we will of course be expanding the team in the future. 


Make sure you get promising samples without a transfer fee already today.

Can we also arouse your sporting ambition with our "LaOla" players?

We are looking forward to some exciting confrontations in the top league!

New material development for "The Glass Polymer™ family of cosmetic materials"

GLASS POLYMER has been known for some time as an innovative material with unique properties to put your products perfectly in the limelight. Thick-walled packaging in this plastic has had an enthusiastic response because of its absolute brilliance and transparency, combining the look and feel of glass with the characteristic advantages of plastic. A number of well-known brands have for years been appearing on the market with great success in GLASS POLYMER packaging by REBHAN.

A further development in materials means that we can now begin a new chapter in this history of success.

–  Eastman Tritan™ Copolyester –

Just like thethe well-known material we have been deploying over a wide spectrum, the "GLASS POLYMERTM EB062",  Eastman Tritan™ Copolyester is also a modified copolyester from the EASTMAN CHEMICAL company. It has the same absolutely transparent appearance, but the particular advantage lies in the markedly improved resistance to chemicals.

Put us to the test!

Whether you are packaging eau de cologne, after shave or other demanding fill products previously reserved for glass: as of now, you have the option to put our packing to the test and test for compatibility with the new material.

There are two options, complementing one another:

    • Order your sample "Eastman Tritan™ Copolyester" bottles today, in order to carry out your own compatibility tests on your premises
    • Send us fill product samples and we will carry out a free compatibility test in the specially equipped EASTMAN CHEMICAL laboratory

    We will send you a detailed, informative test report.

    Just contact us by phone on +49 (0)9265 / 75-0 or email us at

    Rebhan is further extending its Standard range
    Rebhan Designs 2013

    This year, Rebhan was once again exhibiting in its own booth at one of the most important gatherings of the cosmetic industry in Bologna from the 7th -10th March 2013.

    In order to continue meeting the needs of customers and the market, the Rebhan team spent last year in intensive work on new, innovative Standard designs, to extend the company's product range and thereby also to extend choice for the customer.

    Four new designs have been created, and these will be available immediately at short notice.

    The Rebhan Standard range has been extended by three Glass Polymer designs in the 30, 50 and 100ml sizes. In addition, Rebhan have developed a new design in HD-PE with a volume of 250ml.

    Want to know more? - Visit us during Cosmopack at our booth and let our staff show you our new developments on site.

    Would you like more detailed information on our new designs? Please get in touch with us!

    New Design for Rebhan Cosmetic Catalogue

    The product catalogue of Rebhan FPS Kunststoff-Verpackungen GmbH has been renewed regarding its layout and is now available.

    The aim of the new issue was to offer our customers an emotional sales instrument, which portraits the company and its products in an attractive and modern way. This was possible by choosing a theme for the whole catalogue.

    The big image pictures communicate a special message of the company and make the products more interesting.

    In order to cope with our international customers it was decided to have everything in English language which is not trilingual.

    Are you curious? Order your new issue  NOW!

    Red Dot Design Award Goes To Upper Franconia

    The globally most prestigious design award, the red dot award 2012, is awarded for a joint development of Rebhan FPS Kunststoff-Verpackungen GmbH, Stockheim and the designer Rolf Hering from Kronach.

    The international jury of the red dot award this year selected the best contributions and products among 6,823 submissions from 43 countries in the category “communication”. Among them was a newly developed bottle family for the Danish hair care product manufacturer idHAIR.

    In close cooperation, Rebhan FPS Kunststoff-Verpackungen GmbH and the designer Rolf Hering engineered, designed and developed for start of production an innovative concept for HDPE bottles with new, integrated extraction solutions. This created technologically and aesthetically sophisticated products, which perfectly support with their consequent ergonomic handling and a clear design the marketing concept of the innovative cosmetics manufacturer.

    The technologically demanding extruded bottle has a relief with the client’s mark designation in the negative shaped sides, which gives it a safe grip area. For shampoos and conditioners the 200ml bottle has a multi-part flip top closure with perfect product semantics via a structured handling area.
    The 150ml bottle with standard atomizer pump seamlessly matches the design concept, since an overcap with own actuator maintains the integrating design.

    Once again the accumulative competence of the plastics industry in Upper Franconia was impressively proven. Rebhan, always known as a technological pioneer, with this project did not only rely on design perfection, but in cooperation with the experienced designer Rolf Hering exhausted the entire range of product development.

    Innovation bonds! REBHAN glass polymer for innovative natural cosmetics

    For the first time ECO-Cosmetics produces a mineral-based sun blocker for UVA & UVB filtration, which reliably reflects the harmful wavelengths of the light. This product is, as usual, certified by eco-cert and satisfies the highest bio cosmetics requirements.

    For this innovative bio cosmetics product nothing seemed more logical than using Rebhan glass polymer packaging. The Colonna (50ml) series with its clear, straight design implements the idea of modern products.
    The high-gloss surface and the glass-like feel emphasize the high quality of the product and make it visible and sensible for the consumer.

    We at Rebhan are glad to supply an important component for this high-quality bio product of a well-known natural cosmetics enterprise.

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