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Quality Assurance

REBHAN - Quality Assurance

"Our company pursues a quality policy with the aim of  comprehensively meeting customer demands and thereby creating customer satisfaction."
(REBHAN Quality Principles)

In order to guarantee quality right from the start, we work together with certified supplier companies. All purchased parts are immediately tested on receipt.

During production we do all we can to ensure a consistently high level of quality. This is founded on the responsibility of employees for production and quality in their areas of work.
Such responsibility ensures a high level of quality, applying statistical methods, worker self-checks and in-process monitoring. 

We use established testing methods, taking into account accepted rules and standards in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry (Editio Cantor).

The tests carried out continuously as part of the process include:

  • Testing for leak tightness
  • Function tests
  • Surface and adhesion tests


At the customer’s request, we will also carry out special tests, e.g. weathering tests.

We use measuring and testing equipment to help us carry out gap-free documentation of all important data. This means that products may be logged and traced at any time.

We issue quality certificates on request.

We are certified to ISO 9001:2008 standard.

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